Pay N Play Members area:
Coming soon - an exclusive Members area.

We are introducing a brand new members area very soon and you will get a number of special bonuses:

1) the "wobble" that we build into our system that misplaces the playsites by a random amount will dissapear. That's right, you will now see where the site is exactly*.

2) the same high quality database that we use to display all the playsites will be available as downloadable POI file to be used with most popular GPS devices like TomTom and Garmin to name but two. Now you can take the exact position of all the playsites and store them in your GPS to ensure you get there quickly, simply and reliably.

3) entry into any competitions that we may run from time to time where prizes are donated from one of our many sponsors.

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What do I do to become a member?

Simple, just create a PayNPlay Account and pay the low annual subscription fee so that you can login to Pay N Play to get your membership bonuses.

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Is there a charge for this?

Yes, there will be a small nominal charge just to cover the administration of this scheme of £15 (this is equivalent to £1.25 per month) and don't forget that you will be getting accurate location of where playsites are and the ability to download POI's for your GPS as well as any competitions that we may run from time to time.

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* Accuracy is as guaranteed only as accurate as the data submitted by Pay N Play site users. We do not check all sites for accuracy of position or content. Please see our full Terms and Privacy.